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We are 74 congregations of the United Methodist Church throughout Spartanburg, Union and Cherokee counties in the South Carolina upstate region. We are rural, urban and suburban. We are large and small. We are black and white. We are young and old. We are about the business of making disciples for Jesus Christ

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Your presence is requested at St. Luke UMC,  105 McKay Avenue, Spartanburg, SC  29302 at 9:00 AM as the Spartanburg District Lay Servant Ministry and the District Connectional Ministry partner to sponsor –


Our purpose is to make disciples for Jesus Christ by educating, introducing, and promoting ministries that are in, associated with and are designed to work in the Spartanburg District, the South Carolina United Methodist Conference and in the lives of the people therein.

So, please come and celebrate with us and help us make this day one that will be remembered and beneficial to many people in the Spartanburg District.

Blessings and Peace, Annie R. Crocker, Director of Spartanburg District Lay Servant Ministry

SAVE THE DATE letter for UM Day

Do you have a ministry in your church that you would like to let the Spartanburg District and your surrounding communities know about?    Do you have a service that you provide and need to make others aware that it exists?   Are you planning a major program, an annual event, your holiday specials that you would love to have great attendance?

Whatever it is that you are doing, planning or have long term plans for, we have a avenue for you to inform the Spartanburg District as well as other interested people!

On October 6, 2018 beginning at 9:00AM at St. Luke UMC located at 105 McKay Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29302,  the Spartanburg District Lay Servant Ministry and Connectional Ministries will have our first “Spartanburg District United Methodist Day” where you can do just that!

We invite you to come!   Make a display, bring your flyers, handouts, whatever you may have that can help inform, educate and welcome others to come learn from you, participate with you and take advantage of the services you have to offer.

Help us to open the Spartanburg District to “See All The People” and allow all the people to see us!   If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me at: 864-381-3098 or email me at sprcrocker7@aol.com.

Blessings and Peace, Annie R. Crocker – Director of Spartanburg District Lay Servant Ministry

SAVE THE DATE- letter to churches SAVE THE DATE letter for UM Day